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Ryxskin Breathable Pantiliners 30ct - NEGATIVE ION

Ryxskin Breathable Pantiliners 30ct - NEGATIVE ION


Empowering women with essential sanitary hygiene. 🌸

The comfort you need to slay the day is here.

Introducing the revolutionary Sanitary Pantiliners! This is our first and only feminine pad with Negative Ions, Nano Silver and FAR Infrared that will give you extra comfort and protection as it effectively enhances its anti-bacterial capabilities.


Increases the oxygen volume in the air to kill the harmful anaerobic bacteria and helps to activate cells,


Helps kill bacteria, antibacterial, reduce odor and reduce vaginal discharge.


Promotes blood circulation and reduce menstrual pain.

Definitely, a power pad! Try now and do the switch to the newest Ryx Skin’s Sanitary Pantiliners.

Only at Ryx Skin.

SRP: $10 = 30 LINERS.

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