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Ryxskin Japan Beauty Lotion 200ml

Ryxskin Japan Beauty Lotion 200ml

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✨ KNOW YOUR GLOW ✨ Gandang may alam! 🤓

In another infopost of our ingredient spotlight features:

✨ S Q U A L A N E ✨

Squalane works by mimicking your skin’s natural oils making it an excellent emollient. It's also a natural antioxidant. Regular use can also boost collagen production resulting in firmer skin.

✨ improves elasticity & promotes suppleness!

✨ softens & soothes skin

✨ light and breathable

✨ It is also considered non-comedogenic which means that this does not clog pores so it’s a great choice for all skin types.


HYDRATED SKIN IS HEALTHY SKIN ‼️ Boosting hydration can help your skin appear more vibrant & healthier.


💖 Beauty Lotion

💖 UA Rescue Cream

Tune in to more of our “Know Your Glow” ingredient spotlight in our next infopost! 🔥

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