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Ryxskin Pore Care

Ryxskin Pore Care


“REJUV BA YAN?” (Medyo mahaba pero sana mabasa niyo!) ‼️‼️‼️

Hindi po ito REJUVENATING set. Wala po itong peeling. Mild po ito. Okay for long term use. Pero dapat pa rin mag PATCH TEST bago gumamit ng kahit anong skincare products. 🤍

“Para saan yang set na yan?”

From a formulation perspective, Innovative formula po ito dahil meron itong PROBIOTICS. There are several studies specially last 2022 about it. It is clear that gut microbiome influences skin health and look. Probiotics play a major role in maintaining human health and disease prevention.

Kapag topical naman, It has been demonstrated beneficial effects for the treatment of certain inflammatory skin concerns such as acne, rosacea, psoriasis etc. and also found to have a promising role in wound healing.

Ingredient Spotlight:


Lactococcus ferment lysate is a postbiotic skin care ingredient, derived from probiotics through the fermentation process. Lactococcus ferment lysate is a highly intelligent skin ingredient and can work with the health and life cycle of new skin cells and the protective skin barrier found on the outer surface of the skin (also called the epidermis). LFL also has the ability to communicate with skin cells and establishing a good production of antimicrobial peptides which play an important role in keeping the skin healthy with a fully functioning skin flora. After extensive studies LFL was found to help thicken the stratum corneum after 4 days providing barrier recovery and overall skin renewal.

✔️ Anti-aging due to its mitigation of visible sun damage.

✔️ protecting skin’s surface from visible signs of environmental damage.

✔️ Helps restore and build the barrier function on the epidermis.

Hindi ko lang ma-share yung complete details ng mga prinovide ng R&D namin since yung iba ay confidential pero may mga available data na din online. Pwede niyo na siyang maresearch.

Since carefully formulated ito, Share ko lang din na may mga powerful ingredients ito like:

• Gluconolactone (PHA) - works similarly to AHA & BHA like glycolic, salicylic, but gentler and more superficial level of exfoliation which is a good thing if you have sensitive skin. Helps heal acne and breakouts.

• Witch Hazel - It deeply cleanses skin by removing surface oils & bacteria but also a calming active ingredient.

• Niacinamide - Brightening. Targets uneven skin tone and dullness.

• Panthenol - Its main job is to moisturise the skin. It’s a humectant meaning that it can help the skin to attract water and then hold onto it. There is also research showing that panthenol can help our skin to produce more lovely lipids that are important for a strong and healthy skin barrier.

• Sodium Hyaluronate - An ingredient that’s extracted from HA (Hyaluronic Acid) SH has a lower molecular weight than HA. Meaning its small enough to penetrate the dermis. Moisturizing siya! 🙂

• Allantoin • Another moisturizing ingredient.

• Retinyl Palmitate - Effective as retinol… but more gentle. Targets fine lines, wrinkes, uneven skin tone, rough texture & dark spots. ✨

• Salicylic Acid - BHA, exfoliating. It deeply penetrates the skin & dissolves oil, dirt, it also helps reduces blackheads & whiteheads.

Yung Day Cream natin may 2 UV Filters para siguradong protektado kayo sa UVA/UVB:

Ethylhexyl Methoxycinnamate & Zinc Oxide 🤍

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